There are many factors that go into selling a home, while you are going to want to get as much as possible out of your investment it is important to remain realistic and competitive in the housing market.

You're going to have to start with figuring out what your home is actually worth. That starts with seeing the prices in which other homes have sold for in the area. The true value in a properties value is what somebody is willing to pay for it. That means we take a look at what properties have actually closed for, not just what they were listed as. We also need to take a look at closing costs offered (if any) to see what the true numbers looked like at the closing table.

From there you need to listen to what the current market is saying. For this we would look at what is currently active on the market as well as what is under contract. By gathering information such as a properties length on the market and seeing how fast things went under contract at a certain price point gives us a feel for the market in any given area. You would also have to look at your property directly against other similar properties and see if you have any thing that adds value such as a finished basement, pool, home theatre, new installments and renovations. Also looking at previous listings for specific attributes of the homes to determine overall condition can be also provide useful information in maximizing value.

Getting everything ready for going active on the Market:

Talk with your Realtor before spending any money on Renovations, certain things can be covered during the negotiation phase and other things you won't see an increase on value directly correlating to the investment required. You'll want to organize the house and get rid of any clutter that would make a room appear smaller. Dust, dirty windows, or otherwise unclean feeling can negatively impact the way a potential buyer experiences your home so be sure to break out those buckets!

Additionally, showing times should be set up so it works for you. While it is beneficial to let as many clients see your property as possible, you and your family might need some time to tidy up or maybe you want to have dinner or need some privacy. There are many ways to set up showing times and by working with you we can set proper boundaries which will reduce the stress associated with having people peruse through your home.

We like to take as many pictures as possible. In Today's World people are going online, and the real estate world is no different. Statistically properties with more pictures are viewed more online and receive more showings and interest in general. Having some visual for people to sift through is important and you want to make sure you portray an accurate image so people can get a feel for what the property has to offer.
Often overlooked, your Realtor has a large impact on the selling process. You want to make sure your Realtor is responsible, trustworthy, dependable, and ultimately you want someone who will truly listen to your wants and needs. At RE/MAX Real Estate Connections we pride ourselves on superior service and are eager to show you what we have to offer.